Ark of Light Series: Word-portraits of Ahl al-Bayt

Inspired by the Muhammadan Hilye tradition, we have commissioned the first ever Hilye paintings of the sacred members of the Prophet’s family, the Masters of the Cloak: Sayyiduna Ali عليه السلام, Sayyida Fatima عليها السلام, Sayyiduna Hasan عليه السلام, and Sayyiduna Husayn عليه السلام.

This series is an unprecedented work to revitalise the connection between the faithful and the Prophet’s family ﷺ. We wish to adorn hearts and houses with their descriptions, hoping that with each glance, we will grow in love for these chosen souls.

From hand crafted patterns and calligraphy to the original layout of Hafiz Osman, every detail and aspect of the traditional hilye form has been painstakingly observed to ensure that your experience of each work is faithful and authentic.

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The First in the Series: The Rose of Madina

The word portrait of our liege-lady Fatima عليها السلام is unique from the onset as it is the first of its kind ever done. The Hilye focuses on her qualities and personalities based on an authentic narration and early scholarly sources.

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Hilye No.2: The Zulfiqār


A word-portrait of our master Ali, May Allah ennoble his countenance. Hilye Sharif No. 2 brings you the most detailed and authentic description of Mawla ‘Ali, may Allah be well pleased with him.

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